Editorial Board

Founder & CEO:

Mr. Muhammad Saqib Mushtaq 
Global Youth Ambassador 

Editorial Board Members.
Muhammad Zaroon Khan 
University of Karachi,Karachi Pakistan
Miss. Ayesha Jabeen 
University of Faisalabad,Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan 

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Randhawa 
Muhammad Zaroon Khan 
Fawad Zafar Ahmad Khan
Dr. Zubair Ali 
Prof. Zaman Khan 
Dr. Ali zaroon
Miss. Ayesha Jabeen 
Executive Editor
Prof. Dr. Nabeel Abbasi
Professor,Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
Dr. Zubair Ali 
Associate Professor, National university of science and technology,Islamabad Pakistan 

In-charge Editorial Section
Fawad Zafar Ahmad Khan
Lecturer in Department of Entomology, MNS University of Agriculture Multan
Email: editorial@scientificarena.com

Technical Editor

Dr. Farwa Siddiqui
University of Lahore, Lahore Pakistan 
Bureau Chief KHI

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Randhawa 

National textile university,Fasialabad Pakistan 
Bureau Chief MEA

Muhammad Noman 
Media Partner at ISO

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  1. Great. My grou my teacher my friend my brother Awais Ali Khan and Saqib Mushtaq.....
    Wish you best of luck. Proud of CBS and UAF...


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Scientific ARENA aspires to play a critical role to speak, to a huge target audience in Pakistan. The guide's goal is to document the most compelling problems at the forefront of science & era. It have been determined in many nations that the telecom zone advanced beforehand of the IT zone. international has come to be a international village and telecom sector has emerged as a quick growing enterprise throughout past few years and now Pakistan is promising as one of the maximum revolutionary.



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